Send “Fish Out of Water” to the homophobe in your life


Last June I told you about a documentary called Fish Out of Water, a film from Ky Dickens that dissects the handful of verses in the Bible that people use erroneously to say being gay is wrong. Here’s the trailer:


The film was a hit at Outfest, where it made its debut, and made it was way to several other LGBT and underground film festivals this year, as well as schools and churches. Today, you can get your own copy of the film on DVD and the coolest thing about it is that you can anonymously gift it to someone in your life who needs to see it. You know what I mean — the person in your life that may cite Bible verses or perhaps just use Christianity in general against you and your sexuality. When you buy the DVD online, it gets sent with a note reading, “”Somebody who cares about you has sent you a copy of Fish out of Water! Enjoy the film.”

Along with the documentary, the DVD comes with bonus interviews from LGBTQ community members that weren’t included in the film, an info sheet and resource guide that can be used at showings of the film citing the info from the film, and commentary from Dickens.

If you live in America, you have a personal relationship with Christianity, whether it’s the fact that you practice it, abhor it, tolerate it or ignore it. It affects us as lesbians and gay women because it’s what goes into so much of political movements, despite that great idea of “separation of church and state.” People’s misconceptions of the Bible go into voting against Prop. 8 and gay marriage, adoption and military efforts, among other things, so I strongly encourage you to see this film and educate yourself and to send it to others who could benefit from clergymen giving the cold, hard facts.

The other cool thing about Fish Out of Water: proceeds from DVD sales go into a summer tour of the Bible Belt. Ky and her crew will be taking a pink van on The Great American Outing for three weeks in the south and the midwest, showing the film for free in places that it otherwise wouldn’t be seen.

Have you seen Fish Out of Water? Do you know someone in your life that could benefit from seeing it?

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