The Closet: Everthing Coming Out This Week (April 12 – 18)


Here’s everything you need to know about everything coming out this week.



10 Things I Hate About You (ABC Family, 8:30) — Features lesbian couple Mandela and Baby.

24 (Fox, 9:00)Cherry Jones stars as President Taylor.

The United States of Tara (Showtime, 10:30) — Max wonders if Buck’s affair with Pammie has created a new type of alter. [ United States of Tara recaps]


American Idol (Fox, 8:00)Adam Lambert is the mentor this week.

90210 (CW, 8:00) — Gia sees green as Adrianna and Navid start hanging out again.

Biggest Loser: Couples (NBC, 8:00)Suze Orman joins Jillian Michaels & Co. Also: mud wrestling.

Glee (Fox, 9:30)Jane Lynch plays the deliciously evil Sue Sylvester on the mid-season premiere of Fox’s breakout hit.


American Idol (Fox, 8:00)Ellen DeGeneres and the other Idol judges used their save on Big Mike last week, so two contestants are going home.

Top Chef Masters (Bravo, 11:00) — The new season features lesbian chefs Susan Feniger and Monica Pope.

The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS, 8:00)Wanda Sykes plays Barb, Christine’s BFF.

Ugly Betty (ABC, 10:00) — Perhaps the queerest-friendly, most ethnically-diverse show ever: Ugly Betty has happy endings for everyone this week.


FlashForward (ABC, 8:00) — Lesbian FBI agent Janis Hawk continues to help unravel the mystery of the world’s FlashForward. [ FlashForward recaps]


Stargate Universe (SyFy, 9:00) — Lesbian IOA Officer Camile Wray’s ship discovers a planet with food! And sunshine! (Just stay there!)


The Wanda Sykes Show (Fox, 11:00) — Wanda is all new with political and social commentary.


The Rachel Maddow Show, week nights at 9:00 on MSNBC. [’s Rachel Watch]

Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell, nightly at 7:00 on CNN’s Headline News.

The Suze Orman Show, Saturdays at 5 a.m., 9 p.m., and 12 a.m. on CNBC.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, daytime weekdays.


What are you most looking forward to this week?

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