Mel Robertson and Nicole Pacent talk “Queens of the World”


Nicole Pacent and Mel Robertson were hard to miss at Club Skirts The Dinah. Robertson, the writer and director of FEED, and Pacent, the star of Anyone But Me, are hard at work on Queens of the World — a feature film with an all-star cast of celesbians.

Nicole Pacent and Mel Robertson

The soccer-themed story that Robertson describes as The Notebook meets Love & Basketball revolves around Maggie Connor (Pacent), who goes head-to-head with teammate Niko Taylor (Cherry Bomb’s Nikki Caster) on and off the pitch. caught up with Queens writer-director Robertson and Pacent between their stops at the Dance Magic contest, Battle of the Web Series and walking the red carpet to talk Queens, casting and to grill Pacent on which celebrity she’d most like to make out with and what it takes to land a date with the out actress. What’s the latest with Queens of the World?

Mel Robertson: We are looking to start shooting in July. We’ll shoot for two or three months and then post for about six months and will try to release around the World Cup, which is next year.

AE: How’s the casting process going?

MR: Elizabeth Keener and Nicole Pacent have joined the cast. We also are in talks with (Queer as Folk’s) Michelle Clunie.

AE: Who will Clunie play?

MR: It’s my favorite role in the movie — besides Nicole’s; she’ll play her mom.

Nicole Pacent: It’s crazy talk! I came of age watching her on Queer as Folk. The first gay pride I ever went to in  New York, I almost jumped into the street onto the float screaming her name. So the fact that we might be in this together is really incredible. She’s been really supportive and she loves the part.

MR: Clunie is playing one of those parts that as a gay kid, you always want your parents to be that person. She’s excited about that. Elizabeth Keener is also playing the coach, the trainer-type person who pushes (Nicole) through. Keener also wants to adapt Queens into a series for Showtime, so we’re working on that. It’s going to be a Friday Night Lights kind of thing.

AE: So Queens is like a lesbian Bend It Like Beckham?

MR: Not really — Keira Knightley can’t play soccer and she’s running around wearing a crappy sports bra the whole movie.

NP: That was a really hot movie though! (Laughs)

MR: She can’t play soccer, I’m not attracted to that. I did appreciate Bend It Like Beckham for what it did — it made tons of money — but ours is a love story. It’s like The Notebook meets Love & Basketball. We’re trying to bring what was the Women’s United Soccer Association into it — it’s now the Women’s Professional League. Some of their gay players are in talks to do cameos.

As far as Friday Night Lights is concerned, the cinematographer, Todd McMullen, contacted me and wants to shoot the movie. 

Out of all the money and everything that’s going on, that’s the biggest thing for me because he’s one of my favorite cinematographers and he just emailed me out of the blue and said he’d love to shoot the movie.

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