The Weekly Geek: Major in “Twilight” with an emphasis in “True Blood”


One of the most amusing hobbies of media-savvy dorkdom is counting the academic institutions that endorse the study of “geeky things.” I’m not talking about straight up math or science subjects — that’s far too easy. No, I’m talking about colleges that offer courses in The Strategy of Starcraft or PHD’s who do years-long, serious research on the mythological aspects of Star Trek.

However, the news of a new track in a graduate program — an entire course of study devoted solely to vampire literature — has to be the best. That’s right — a scholar at the University of Hertfordshire named Dr. Sam George (who rocks the vamp look like no other) has organized a conference on the subject, with a September rollout of a master’s program in vampire lit.

From filmdrunk via Guardian:

George is launching, in September, what seems to be the world’s first master’s degree in vampire literature. “In the months I’ve been planning the conference I’ve fielded a huge number of inquiries from people all over the world who are interested in studying vampires, zombies and the undead at a higher level,” she says. “I had the idea of offering the master’s as a direct follow-up from the conference.”

“The conference schedule is packed. Planned lectures range from “Sullied Blood, Semen, and Skin: Vampires and the Spectre of Miscegenation” to “Who Ordered the Hamburger with Aids?: Blood Anxiety in True Blood.”

A Master’s degree in vampire literature? That makes my philosophy degree look almost useful in comparison! All (mildly jealous) joking aside, I’d actually love to attend the nastier-sounding lectures, particularly that last one. It refers specifically to a scene in True Blood when Lafayette (a gay man) pulls one of the most badass pro-gay moves in the history of TV when he serves a bunch of bigots in his restaurant.

I certainly hope there’s a unit in great lesbian vampire stories. I would gladly volunteer to watch The Hunger a few times — in the name of research, of course.

Will you be signing up?

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