New Music Tuesday: 4-6-2010


It is doomy and gloomy in Chicago this New Music Tuesday. Thankfully there is a bevy of great music to give me an extra jolt of energy.

First, I know that David Byrne and Fat Boy Slim are not women, but their new album Here Lies Love is a tribute to Imelda Marcos, a famous lover of shoes. Cameos on the LP include the likes of Florence Welch (who sings the title song and is the best thing to happen since the invention of jelly beans), Cyndi Lauper, Santigold and Tori Amos. Do I really need to keep going with this because or have I sold you already?

The DøA Mouthful (Get Døwn!)

The much-coveted top spot this week goes to a band who stole my heart about a year ago. The Dø (pronounced “Doe”) is a male/female duo whose debut album is all over the place but not in a way that would give you whiplash. At times it’s as soft and Bjork’s masterpiece, Homogenic and others it’s as though Lady Sovereign grabbed the mic and was battling MCs. I wish I could give it the credit it deserves and do an entire album review but we do not have the time or space within this lil’ column to give them three snaps up in Z formation.

Laura MarlingI Speak Because I Can (Virgin)

Huge hat tip to reader Tiny Batches for introducing me to the gorgeous voice that is Laura Marling. As far as singer/songwriters go, she stands out from the pack with an angelic voice that excels at falsetto. This is a great new addition to my collection.

Sally SeltmannHeart That’s Pounding (Arts & Crafts/Shock Records)

Another Australian beauty with a subtly seductive voice. This is a perfect album for a rainy day with a good book and a gigantic mug of tea.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-KingsI Learned The Hard Way (Daptone)

If you haven’t purchased a ticket to hop on the Sharon Jones bandwagon yet, you should probably hurry up and get on. Packed with soul, spirit and elegance, this band basically owned the South by Southwest Music Festival.

Honorable Mentions: Vivian Green, Peter Wolf, Jonsi and Lali Puna.

What’d I miss homeskillets?

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