Morning Brew: Monday, April 5


Good morning!

Karman and I are back from the Dinah in Palm Springs, and I’m ready to get on top of this brew. Thanks so much to Heather Hogan for taking the reins while we were out “working” in the desert. (It’s a rough job, you guys.) We’ll have a post with pictures, videos and other insights from our trip later today.

DJ Tracy Young went on a radio show to discuss her relationship with Kim Zolciak, among other things. There’s a little photo montage with the interview clip below.

In short, Tracy says their relationship changes every day. “It depends how much wine is in the solo cup.” As of the interview day, they aren’t speaking, but they did have “a connection for four months.” There’s a lot of “connection” talk between the two of them in every story. Let’s just put it all out there: Connect = had sexual relations.

Is it possible to be a fan of Kim Kardashian? If so, and you happen to follow her on Twitter, you might have gotten excited when she Tweeted this the other day.

It was Nicole Richie playing games with your heart, I’m sorry to say. But Kim did leave it up, so read into that what you will.

Check out the very lesbian-friendly trailer for the new film It reminds me of D.E.B.S. for an older crowd — not that lesbians of all ages didn’t enjoy D.E.B.S., just that this is a little more age appropriate. Read: Rated R.

Home and Away‘s Esther Anderson talked to Yahoo about her role on the Aussie soap opera as the bisexual EMT Charlie. She answered questions from fans, including this one:

Hi Esther, who do you think would be better for Charlie: Joey or Angelo? As a gay girl I’m hugely disappointed that the show hasn’t continued Charlie’s sexuality storyline. Do you think Charlie will ever be involved with a woman again?

Esther’s response:

To be perfectly honest I was also a little disappointed that that storyline was so short-lived. It would have been great if Kate Bell could have come back. Like any relationship on the show, breaking up creates drama so that’s usually what happens at some point. I would love to see that other side of her sexuality either explored again or at least know that it’s still a part of her, I think it’s very important. Joey or Angelo? At the time of Joey and Charlie’s break up I would have said Joey for sure! Angelo wasn’t even in on the radar, but now Angelo and Charlie have a lot of history, and have been through a lot together. It would be so hard for her to decide! I would like to see how it would have worked out for Charlie and Joey though. It would have been really interesting for me as an actor to explore a gay relationship further.

I don’t like the sound of this Angelo person, but that’s just me. Let’s not lose hope, as it is a soap opera after all. Angelo can turn out to be Angela, who was afraid to express her love for Charlie because they were long-lost pen pals or third removed step-cousins related by marriage vs. blood.

Anna Friel is an inspiration for her “lesbian snog” on Brookside a few years back. Coronation Street star Sacha Parkinson told The Sun that Anna was her idol for her own current gay storyline.

The rest of the interview is about Sacha’s boyfriend’s reaction and how she was surprised by how soft her partner Brooke Vincent‘s lips were. I feel like I’ve read this story a million times already, just a merry-go-round of straight actresses in their place.

See you tomorrow, kids.

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