Summer Glau becomes a blogger, for TV


Summer Glau really is truly one of us. The Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse
star is going to play a blogger in the pilot for the new series The
. That sigh you hear is geeks everywhere loving her even more.

And, get this, she is not just any blogger –
nope, Summer is a crime-fighting blogger. Oh, oh, just like me! I, too,
am a crime-fighting blogger. Except, not so much the crime-fighting
part. Unless by “crime” you mean things in the media that make me mad
and by “fighting” you mean writing snarky things about said maddening
things and then hitting “publish.” Also, I can’t do the

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the NBC drama follows a former cop (played by Aussie newcomer and ER alum David Lyons)
who was set up for a crime and to avenge his name dons a mask and – we
can only assume – cape to become The Cape. Summer will play Orwell, “a
cute and intrepid investigative blogger who fearlessly goes after
corrupt cops and costumed bad guys.”

a blogger named Orwell? Now if only she was born in 1984. But what we
do know about Orwell is that she “gets physical and is quite capable of
kicking ass.” Well, clearly, that will be a stretch for Summer. We’ve
never seen her kick any ass … oh, wait.

what do you think? Is Summer a convincing blogger? A more convincing
ass kicker? Also, Summer, if you need any help researching bloggers,
please, feel free to call me. I am here to help.

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