Send our captain off with a smile, some great goodbyes for Sarah


Well, ladies, it’s our fearless leader Sarah Warn‘s last official day at the helm of, the big, boisterous boat she built to shepherd lesbian and bisexual women through the often murky media waters. (Don’t fret too much though, she’ll still be hanging around writing her column and dropping by to say hi.) For seven and a half years Sarah has guided the coverage of every lesbian kiss sweeps stunt, every pregnant lesbian plot point and sundry other stories that mattered to queer women.

The community she helped to create is rich, diverse and — for many of us — an essential part of our everyday routine. So to help send her on her way, and possibly serenade her to some much-needed sleep, how about we share some of our favorite fond farewell scenes and songs.

I’ll start us off. Today, I’m climbing on my virtual desk to doff my cap to the lady who hired me two and a half years ago. Thanks, Sarah.


From StuntDouble, and about Wellesley to boot!


From the linster, a little metaphor. Leaving the nuthouse is never easy.


And with that, DJ, cue the Boyz II Men. It’s your turn. Share the greatest goodbyes of music, film and TV. Now, we’re not kidding, go get some sleep, Sarah!

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