Lady Gaga’s most fabulous get-ups


This week, the FabLife did the heavy lifting, presenting us with 40 of Lady Gaga’s most entertaining fashion moments. I’ve always wondered when she might also appear in an “Who wore it better?” column, but I think we may have to wait for the reemergence of Björk for that day.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite outfits and the snarky commentary they deserve. In general, I gotta say nay on the covered face bondage outfits — Gaga is scary enough already. Fancy fangs are a fad, but they’re OK for now. Overall, the Lady impresses me with her sheer gall.

Bubble Wrapped

Tori Amos and Sarah Brightman have a love child while cavorting through a magical lesbian bathtub.

Biker babe

Call the Village People: I think they left one behind.

Sheer madness

Her usual absolutely bizarre concoction, complete with hair bow usually wouldn’t do much for me. But a hint of breast, Star Trek Vulcan style shoulders, sexy lace wristbands, and shades that are not horribly round for once, make this quite appealing to me. Rawr.

Ice Princess

Dare I say a bit tame and even classy?

Geek chic

Harry Potter’s long lost cousin.

Little Miss Goldy Locks

Some bizarre combination of Xena, Warrior Princess, Madonna and Midas.

Ready for my toppings

Now this is what I call an outfit. If you’re gonna go for it, go all out. I just didn’t know that she was touring with Fischerspooner.

What’s your favorite Gaga get-up?

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