Joan Jett and Debbie Harry get made into dolls


I remember how much fun it was to cut all the hair off my Barbies (and 90210 dolls) when I was younger. At the time, I had no idea I was butch-ifying my ultra femme, tutu-wearing dolls. I just wanted to make them "cool."

Scented Magic Markers came in handy as both hair dye and tattoo ink; pins and needles for body piercings. The annoyingly pink car, house and tons of other accessories were a challenge, however.

But now, thanks to Sandi Holder of Doll Attic, budding young lesbians, tomboys and other girls don’t have to put so much effort into having a hip Barbie. Joan Jett, Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper are all getting their own doll incarnations, due out in December.

Holder’s "Ladies of the ’80s" collection features the three rockers and their signature looks: Jett all in black, complete with Converse, a guitar, totally ’80s shaggy hair (unfortunately not the total gay short look she’s sporting these days, but I’ll take it), and tight jeans.

The Debbie (not Deborah) Harry Barbie may be wearing pink, but she’s totally punk. The Blondie doll has a short, tight dress, platinum blonde hair, a bad ass demeanor, and, to be completely ’80s, loads of eye shadow.

Sure, a lot of kids these days might not know who she is (save for the attendees of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls), but this collectible would be perfect for hardcore Blondie fans of all ages. You know, as long as it’s for collecting, not hooking up with Ken (though, for some reason, Ken was always just a BFF or chauffeur to my Barbies. Go figure.)

The Cyndi Lauper Barbie, while red-headed like the singer was during her "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" days, isn’t as convincing as the Joan Jett and Debbie Harry miniatures. Her red dress is surprisingly tame for the outlandish Lauper, known for her wild colors and mismatching. And her fishnets don’t have intentional rips and holes in them — and aren’t on her arms, too. Her hair could also be more teased — it’s not nearly as big as she wore it then.

What do you think of the Ladies of the ’80s collection? Is there anyone you think is missing? Personally, I’d love for someone to come out with gay lady rock star Barbies of today, like Tegan and Sara or JD Samson. I can’t wait until friends start having babies. I know what their kids would get from me already.

Now, someone hurry up and start making them so I don’t have to cut Joan Jett’s hair myself.

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