Gro Hammerseng pitches watches and we pitch other lesbians for ad campaigns


Out handball champions Gro Hammerseng is appearing in new ads for Inex watches. The Norwegian Olympic champion, and partner to teammate Katja Nyberg, models the timepieces in a series of ads for the watch company. (Hat tip, Astrid!)

The pairing makes sense, since handball is all about timing, precision and accuracy. Also, who wouldn’t want to buy a watch from this lady?

It also got me thinking about other out women who use their star power to sell stuff. Ellen DeGeneres is easy, breezy for Cover Girl. Martina Navratilova famously drives a Lesbaru Subaru. And we all know how much Leisha Hailey loves yogurt.

But there are a lot more lesbian celebrities who could be pitchwomen. Here are a few potential pairings. Take note, Madison Avenue, I think I’m onto something.

Rosie O’Donnell: Mad Libs

Because reading her blog is already like writing one.

Wanda Sykes: Depends

Because she will make you laugh so hard, you will pee your pants.

Portia De Rossi: Porsche

Because, really, it’s a no-brainer.

Rachel Maddow: LensCrafters

Because you too can look as smart as Rachel in under an hour.

Sheryl Swoopes: Scoops

Because who doesn’t like rhyming?

Jane Lynch: ADT Home Security Systems

Because nobody knows more about theft than the world’s greatest scene stealer?

So any great commercial collaborations I missed?

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