New Music Tuesday: 10-20-2009


Since my very first post on, I revealed my love for Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Normally I wouldn’t be pushing an “iTunes Originals” album, but today I will make an exception for the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack, simply because I would listen to Karen O read the list of ingredients on the back of an OxyClean bottle.

(While you’re on iTunes, make sure you also download the free Ellen Page/Drew Barrymore Celebrity Playlist podcast.)

Here’s what else is new today:

Florence & the MachineLungs (Universal Island Records)

A woman after my own heart, Florence comes up with her best work while she’s either drinking or hungover (more so the former for me). This album, filled with love, pain and fantasy won the 2009 British Critic’s Choice Award. For those who enjoy being taken on a musical journey filled with harps, choirs, darkness and percussion, this might be the album of the year.

Joss StoneColour Me Free (Capital Records)

The British R&B chanteuse’s new album is already getting great reviews. Not only does it have Stone’s usual brand of neo-soul, she also shares the mic with heavyweights like Raphael Saadiq, Nas, Jeff Beck and Sheila E..

MozellaBelle Isle (Unviersal Motown Records)

If you’re a fan of Joss, you might as well get a two-fer-Tuesday special. Maureen McDonald‘s voice is a down-to-earth blend of jazz and soul, something for the everywoman. Belle Isle is the second full-length album for the Detroit native and, if you’re a fan of Joss, Duffy and Gabriela Cilmi, it will fit your music collection like a glove.

El Perro Del MarLove is Not Pop (The Control Group)

Sarah Assbring’s third album is a bit of a mini-disc. Recorded in Scandanavia with Rasmus Hägg, the album features seven songs filled with the same loungey vibe she is best known for. If you’re lucky you’ll catch her on tour with Peter, Bjorn and John, as they start their North American tour in November.

Are you into any of these albums this week, or are you just streaming the new Tegan and Sara all day?

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