Styled Out: Booting up


So listen, I know it might feel a bit early to start talking about boots, but it’s seriously not that far off. As I found out last week when on a quest for a cute late-season swimsuit, the stores are rolling out the summer stuff and it’s all “back to school” now whether we like it or not. (I don’t, BTW.) With items like these, the early bird generally gets the worm, and by that I mean the avid online researcher gets their size before everyone else.

I typically wear boots all summer and, with the global climate change, it actually made sense to wear them all the livelong season this year, much to my liking. If you buy some now, you’ll still have some time to break them in before you need to wear them on the regular.

One of my favorite things about boots is that you have a lot of variety in a wide price range.

The best budget boot that I’ve stumbled upon as of late is the Ashlee Black boot by 80%20.

You get the best of both worlds since they’re black and brown as well as a high quality leather boot that hits just below the knee, meaning they will match with most everything. The shape is pretty universal in my opinion and if you look on line you can find a pair for a little over a hundred bucks. They’re half off because they are “last season” but I think they’re classic looking that they can carry into this fall and winter.

I tend to lean towards brands like Frye and my current favorite is the Engineer 8R. I’ve been liking the comeback in popularity of the ankle length boot, and this one is a style that would be good on most anyone. I’m generally a believer that if you’re going to invest in something, it should be classic and able to transcend the look of the season so that you can enjoy it for a while.

Frye boots, when oiled and taken care of properly, can last for years. I had testament from a 70-year-old women at Nordstrom about this fact, so take heed.

I have a certain aversion to Ugg just because I personally think that they’re really ugly and it drives me kind of insane when I see Pamela Anderson strutting around Vegas and L.A. in a pair with her denim mini and 90 degree heat. I have learned however, that there are styles of Uggs that I wasn’t even aware of, namely the “Smithfield.” They’re really cool and I’m in the market for a new pair of black boots this fall, but the brown are lust worthy, too.

I was totally taken aback and had a little love for the line after all this time loathing it. Who knew?

I’m not ready to discuss snow boots yet, but the autumn arrivals are totally awesome. Are you kicking it?

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