Women top the 100 Best Comic Book Covers


Last week, Whitney at Pop Candy gave us the heads-up about the countdown of “100 Best Comic Covers” at 1979 Semi-Finalist, aka Kelly Thompson.

Kelly admits to including “a high number of badass chick covers, as I am a badass chick.” Judging from her picks, I’m inclined to agree. Here are a few highlights.

98. The Amazing Spider-Man #29

I don’t remember seeing this cover before — and I think I would’ve remembered. The John Romita Jr. drawing of Spidey’s GF Mary Jane beautifully captures the conflict of being in love with a superhero.

63. Wonder Woman #198

This Phil Noto cover makes me think that Wonder Woman somehow got trapped in a Norman Rockwell painting — and boy, is she pissed.

51. Astro City #4

This Alex Ross classic is another of my favorites, although I would rank it in the top 10. The expression on the woman’s face is a story in itself — and the contrast between her and the female superhero is what Astro City is all about.

40. Optic Nerve #2

I hope you read Optic Nerve. Adrian Tomine has a gift — and this was one of his first covers. Anyone who thinks comic books have no depth needs to see this illustration.

30. Love and Rockets #5

Several Jamie Hernandez covers made the Top 100 — this is my favorite. I love this aviatrix — and her rockets.

19. The Spirit #4

Plenty of comic book covers show a man carrying a woman. Flipping that image is reason enough to love this Darwyn Cooke illustration. But the detail is what pushed the cover into the top 25.

1. Batgirl #45

Hmm. I heart James Jean, but I’m surprised that this cover is No. 1. Kelly loves the badass expression on Batgirl’s face, the juxtaposition between Batgirl and the stylized villain and the high heels. OK, I made up that last one.

Of course, I can’t choose a No. 1 at all. (Even deciding which covers from Kelly’s list to show here felt like Sophie’s Choice.) How could I ever choose between my two favorite Strangers in Paradise covers?

Or Buffy and Wicked Willow?

And my heart would be broken if I left out Fone Bone in love from Bone #11.

So, I leave it to stronger people to choose the best of the best. What is your favorite comic book cover? What do you think of the selections for the Top 100 at 1979 Semi-Finalist? If you have an image of your No. 1, feel free to post it in the comments.

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