Mia Kirshner talks Hollywood and politics on Air America Radio


Air America has added another lesbian favorite to its line-up. The liberal radio network is already home to the shows of Dorothy Snarker‘s fantasy couple: Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox. Now Air America is bringing Mia Kirshner to their “Pollywood” (Politics + Hollywood) show, Hollywood! Clout.

Kirshner is set to become a permanent guest on Hollywood! Clout each Wednesday to talk about social and international issues. She’s well-versed on the subject, having spent seven years working on her book, I Live Here.

To compile the anthology, which highlights the plight of forgotten women and children all over the world, Kirshner traveled to some of the most forsaken places in the world. When the book was released last year, she told Publisher’s Weekly:

It came about because of a gradual sort of feeling that I had, that the life I was leading was pretty limited. I didn’t feel like I knew enough about how the rest of the world lived. And I also felt like I just wasn’t happy creatively with what I was doing. So I did about a year of research and put this idea together: the combination of comics and first-person accounts of survival and trauma.

The motto of Kirshner’s I Live Here Foundation is “Stories can change the world.” She’s hoping to take the stories of these women to an even larger audience on Hollywood! Clout. The show airs every weekday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Air America, or you can listen to the podcasts online.

Will you tune in to hear Mia Kirshner? You know it’s going to be better than Lez Girls.

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