Styled Out: Sporting uniforms


Last night I had the first (and unfortunately last) opportunity to play in my girlfriend’s kickball league. They play every Tuesday night and I still can hardly believe what I’ve been missing. The beer, the smack talking, the outfits — mostly the outfits.

As it turned out, there is no real standard way for the teams to be divided in her games, so last night about 7 people showed up wearing gray T-shirts, myself included, and it was decided that we were indeed a team as a result. I enjoy the pick-up game style and everyone playing weekly with my GF are on board with the lack of restrictions, but I know many a sporty lesbian who begs to differ.

Natasha Kai: Serious about sports

Softball teams in general seem to stick to what they know, i.e. serious uniforms that identify each player. However as an adult you can get a bit more, uh, creative with your team name and/or “nickname.” I like that these teams put out the effort and organization in not only their sport but in the authenticity of their uniforms. From what I understand though most adult softball leagues aren’t as serious about the bottoms as they are the tops (no pun intended). Jean cut-offs it is!

Now, a lot of team sports especially those that have been sort of branded as being urban hipster-ish like kickball can get pretty involved. In Brooklyn, The Divine Sisterhood of the Sacred Heart are a bar sponsored, ass-kicking force to be reckoned with who hosts their own prom to celebrate their triumphant domination. And I love their threads on the real. The matching shirt is the only think that counts on this team, which is a yellow American Apparel tee with a diagram of a heart on the left side (duh). I like the official-casual-ness this team chose.

The most serious of team sport uniforms that I can tell belong to those Roller Derby girls. Did you know that there is actually a national board that Derby girls have to submit their “name” to and if it’s already taken, or too close to another girl’s name they can’t use it? It’s seriously wild. These girls can do no wrong in my eyes, I could quite literally watch them bang each other up whilst skating around the rink for hours.

Their practice gear, which for some consists of a leotard, spankies, tights and legwarmers is enough to make me throw caution to the wind and take up the dangerous sport but their uniforms are in a league of their own.

My favorite Chicago team is The Windy City Rollers’ The Fury. However, my favorite uniforms belong to the league’s Manic Attackers, strictly because they take their Zombie reputation serious and some of them rock electric pink tights to match their bright blue and yellow uniforms. Swoon.

Are you rocking any team colors? How are you playing sports and sporty gear this summer?

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