Which OITNB character are you?


Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix tonight, and in anticipation of a whole new binge-worthy season, we created this quiz so you can find out if you’re an Alex, a Piper, a Big Boo, a Poussey, or a Nicky. Because those are the cool lesbians, obviously. And it doesn’t matter that they aren’t all on the show anymore. They will all ┬álive on forever! Especially Poussey. Because you know after this season you’re going to start binging every OITNB season all over again. ┬áHave fun.

The Quiz

Which OITNB Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out whether your personality makes you a Piper, an Alex, a Poussey, a Big Boo, or a Nicky.

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