This new lesbian dating app helps you find your wish list girlfriend.


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Because you’r more than a swipe. That’s the motto of Click, the new lesbian dating app that is here to change the way you meet women online. At a time when lesbian bars have become all but extinct, women who love women rely on online social networking more than ever. From the Click website:

Click is a social app and venue, created specifically for lesbians and the wider queer community of same-sex attracted women. At Click, you can relax, connect with friends, meet new people, hang out, get support if you need, flirt if you want, perhaps get lucky and most of all have fun. A new alternative to lesbian dating apps in the market.Click began from a determination to provide an always available 24/7 community space to meet each other and a way to connect that was beyond the looks and location that most apps offer.

In recent years, HER is the only widely-used app that has been specifically targeted at LGBT women, at least as far as I’m aware. I haven’t had much luck personally on that app, and have always been an Ok Cupid fan due to the interface and the questions. (Yes, I actually read through people’s questions). Tinder, however, always felt off-putting to me. The whole swipe right or left thing – well, call me old-fashioned, but I need more information than a few blurry photos. When I tried it (and you must be in a major cosmopolitan area, especially if you’re a lesbian using it) my matches all turned out to be “curious” girls. That’s fun and all, but hook-ups aside, making a real connection on Tinder seemed unlikely. This is what the creators of Click had to say about it on their blog:

“#morethanaswipe is a fuck you to Tinder, Tinder lookalike apps and lesbian Tinder apps. And while they might have their place, aren’t we much more interesting than just our looks and location!? Physical attraction is great, but it’s our values and character and interests that are more likely to create ongoing attraction and keep us together, as lovers and/or friends.”

Thorough editor that I am, I downloaded and clicked around on the app a while to check out its ease of use. I logged on via Facebook (not sure how I feel about that, actually) and found it fairly easy to navigate. You are given a few filter options for your search. Unlike the HER app, which only allows you to filter by age and distance in the free version, Click allows you to choose age, sexual orientation and gender identities, and then you can further refine by interest. One aspect that stands out is the ability to connect through hashtags. I haven’t tried that, but it could be fun. We’ll see. I do prefer the way way the app lets you fill out your profile more completely, and make it more obvious what you’re looking for. It allows you to reveal as much or as little information as you choose, including whether you’re Out or not. Nice.  I also quite like the design. What I don’t like are the same details I don’t like about other apps. Do I have a cat or a dog, they ask. No. But I have two amazing house rabbits. Why are pets limited to cats and dogs? Sigh.

Overall, this app looks promising and I’m going to give it a chance. What about you?  Let us know in the comments if you try it, what you think.

Click is available in the iTunes store. Visit the official Click website HERE, and follow them on Facebook. 

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