The ‘Other’ Love Story – India’s first lesbian web series


While searching for lesbian-themed web series from around the world, I came across “The ‘Other’ Love Story,” a romantic drama set in Bangalore, India that was written and directed by Roopa Rao. Their Facebook page claims that it is the first ever Indian same-sex love story (as a web series), which is quite a feat! The series consists of 12 total episodes. You can watch the trailer below, and I’ve also shared the first episode. I like the cinematography in this, and the poetic monologues as the protagonist reads from her diary. I am always interested in seeing the issues lesbians face outside of my own culture, especially from countries like India, where you don’t see much in the way of positive sapphic cinema. Maybe that’s changing? We shall see. Meanwhile, who doesn’t enjoy a well-told love story? The only con, for me anyway, are that the subtitles are a bit hard to read (but then again, maybe I just need glasses). I think this series definitely deserves a chance.  I plan on watching the rest and will share my thoughts. What do you think? Would you watch? Have you already?


Here is episode 1, “The Meeting”

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