2009 Hot 100 Preview: CAMILA GREY


Once known as Leisha Hailey‘s new band, Uh Huh Her is now recognized as a musical duo of both Hailey and another stunning songstress, Camila Grey.

Grey shares vocal duties with The L Word star, but also rocks a keyboard and guitar on stage. A seasoned musician who has worked with several well known artists like Dr. Dre and Kelly Osbourne before releasing Uh Huh Her’s Common Reaction in 2008, Camila Grey was bound to make it to the Hot List in 2009.

Of course, appearing on This Just Out with Liz Feldman and recording the web series’ theme song did not hurt her chances with the lesbian crowd. Or her dark hair and eyes and quite nicely shaped lips.

Did you remember Camila Grey around voting time?

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