Five Sex Toys For You and Yours This Christmas


Remember all those years you spent as a kid making your wishlist for Christmas? You spent hours scouring the Sears catalog bookmarking down all the toys and gadgets you wanted, in hopes Santa would put them under your tree on Christmas Eve. Well now that we have reached adulthood, it’s time to make a new toy list and we hope Mrs. Claus is the one delivering the gifts.

Here are five adult toys that you still have time to find before Friday.

Layla Lipstick Vibe ($11.95)2015-04-14_16.26.00_edit_large

For all my femme sisters out there, this vibrator is the perfect thing to keep in your purse. Some might say its lipstick for your other set of lips. It’s discrete, compact and gets the job done!

The Union ($127.95)double-ended-dildo-union-lesbian-strapless-sex-toy-purple

You guys: this is basically a strapless strap on and can be recharged via USB PORT. Can you imagine a world where you don’t have to fumble around in the dark trying to find AA batteries? As an added bonus, it is also ergonomic which means you are less likely to have an injury.

Mega Booty Beads ($40.99)booty

For those that like a little back door attention, these beads bend in every direction and each individual bead vibrates. No matter which way you turn, you will still feel the beat.

Boxer Button Fly Strapon ($49.95)strap-shorts

These boxers can be worn comfortably throughout the day and ready for action at night! Simply slide a dildo of your choice through the ring (which is hidden behind the buttons) and you are instantly ready to give her the ride of her life.

Finger Extender  ($33.96)two-pink-lesbian-sextoys

Whether you are lacking in the length department or just really want to get up in there, this finger extender toy exactly what you are looking for. It’s just like your own—fingers but longer. 

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