Queer Your Holidays With These Super Gay Items


Yes, the holidays are gay, but are they gay enough? Have an office Christmas party you want to stand out at? What about queering up that sad Charlie Brown Christmas tree? And we can’t forget to send Grandma a card this year (like we did last year and Mom won’t let you forget it, because you are ungrateful and why did she send you to that expensive school if you were just going to end up writing about television?). 

Here are some ways to deck those halls with a little more lez and make the holidays a little more queer.


Dyke the Halls sweatshirt dykethehallswebsite

Leave it to Bobo Academy to bring us another festive shirt for the holigays. Support queer owned business AND look fabulous at your Christmas party with this dyketastic sweatshirt. ($45)


All I Want for Christmas pullover

394-heathered_gray_aa-z1-t-all-i-want-for-christmas-is-proper-queer-representation-in-the-mediaHoller! This is my Christmas wish, too! Perfect for you fangirls and fanbois out there, as well as anyone in the lesbian blogger community. (I just put my order in.) ($31.50)


Happy Holigays hoodie


This hoodie doesn’t mess around. It combines the rainbow with the holidays. Simple, to the point, perfect. ($34.99)

Handmade Bi Pride Scarf


It gets awful chilly in December, so here’s a way to wear your bi pride and keep your neck nice and warm for karaoke later on with your drunk co-workers. When Dan from accounting says something dumb about bisexuality, you can classily whip your scarf in his general direction on your way to the mic. ($15)


Rainbow Ornament Wreath


Nothing says “Lesbians live here!” like this festive rainbow wreath. Since you most likely have cats (yeah, you know it’s true) and they can’t be trusted around pine needles, this wreath brings a little class and celebration to the joint. No, it ain’t cheap, but this is wreath can be brought out for years to come. ($155)


Personalized Mistletoe Ornament


How presh is this? This little embroidered ornament comes with the hoop so it can hang charmingly on your tree. It’s custom made, so if you want one, order it soon. It takes 10 days plus shipping time. ($12)


Yoni Ornaments


Who doesn’t love a subtle vaginal motif for the holidays? Your uncle will think they are abstract art, while your cousin and her “roommate” will chuckle into their eggnogs. At just a couple bucks a piece, you can buy a bunch of yonis and even use them as gift tags! ($3)


Orange is the New Black ornamentsOITNB_ornament_set_5

The ornaments, the ornaments, trapped trapped trapped till your tree is full. If you are an OITNB fan, why not trim the tree with the likes of Alex Vause, Poussey and Suzanne? For some reason, Piper is not included. Maybe you have to purchase her separately. (Set of 10 for $30)


Gay and Lesbian wrapping paper


These Victorian and Mid-century inspired wrapping papers are too cute for words. How gorgeous would these look under the tree, wrapped around a gift for that special someone! ($13.50)


Vintage Ice Skating Girls cards


If you are still a fan of sending cards for the holidays, this one is sweet, romantic and just right. A reproduction of French artist Armand Vallée, this artwork first appeared in the 1920s. Now it can be your signature Christmas or New Years card. ($3.25)


Rainbow Menorahil_570xN.766558472_kzae

This beautiful rainbow menorah is shaped like an Olive tree and uses oil to light each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah. Beautiful and something you’ll be proud to share with friends and family. ($220)

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