Emily Blunt gets animated


Even if you were one of the many that disliked My Summer of Love, there’s no denying that you fell a little bit in love with Emily Blunt. (Don’t deny it — I won’t believe you.)

After her turn as the snotty assistant Emily in The Devil Wears Prada, her career has taken off. And if you feel like you haven’t seen her in anything since The Jane Austen Book Club, you’ll soon be on Emily Blunt overload. First, there’s her film with Amy Adams, Sunshine Cleaning.

And now she’ll be lending her voice to a character on the Jan. 25 episode of The Simpsons. That’s right — Blunt will voice Lisa’s “brainy friend Juliet.” No word on if Juliet is British; however we do know that together, Lisa and Juliet will “construct a fantasy world that goes a bit too far.”

Sounds a little like My Summer of Love — but then again, I liked that movie, so perhaps it’s just wishful thinking.

There’ve also been rumors that Blunt will appear in Iron Man 2 as Russian assassin The Black Widow. I am not too familiar with the series, and didn’t even see the first one, but would definitely get into the storyline if the actress turns up in something black and tight.

In the meantime, Blunt is keeping busy on several new films, including the recently announced The Girl, in which she will play a Texan woman embarking on a journey with a young girl into Mexico. It’s a different kind of role, but then she doesn’t ever seem to fall into one category as an actress, which is part of what makes her so awesome — even in My Summer of Love.

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