NBC grants our wishes


NBC has delivered us some great news this week, as it has renewed both The Office and 30 Rock. (I know, it’s shocking, really.)

Not only will The Office be returning, but so will last season’s guest star Amy Ryan.

Ryan plays Holly Flax, Michael’s love interest. One of the show’s writers said her parts haven’t been written yet, but they are hoping she’ll come back for the season finale. It also sounds like they want her to stick around:

Because [Michael and Holly] have such a deep connection, I don’t think she can blow in and out every so often. It would be too hard for him as a human being. So, we’re hoping to find some very significant things for them. And if we can get her to sign on for a really long period, we’ll do it.

In other really wonderful news, Amy Poehler‘s still untitled comedy from The Office writers has finally received a premiere date of Thursday, April 9. The series will air at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Even when it gets a name, I’m sure I’ll still refer to it as the Untitled Amy Poehler Project. It just kind of flows, and sounds like it could win Emmys.

As for the rest of NBC’s line-up, there hasn’t been any official word on the futures of Life or Lipstick Jungle.

I think it’s safe to say most of us would mourn the death of Sarah Shahi‘s show just a little bit more.

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