Jodie Marsh talks marriage with her girlfriend


Jodie Marsh is trying to remind everyone she’s still into women. The UK model-turned-reality star began dating her hairdresser, Nina, in October, but not everyone was convinced that it wasn’t just a publicity stunt. But, apparently it wasn’t, as the two are going strong and Marsh just announced she plans to wed Nina. Free haircuts for life!

In all seriousness, they must really be dating, because to announce an “engagement” after only a few months is so lesbian. I wonder how many kittens they’ve already acquired together. Then again, Marsh isn’t really known for taking marriage very serious. She starred in the reality show Totally Jodie Marsh: Who’ll Take Her Up the Aisle? just to find a mate, which she got in the form of a man, Matt Peacock. The two tied the knot in September 2007 and subsequently broke it a mere three months later.

Of Nina, Marsh told the UK’s Daily Star:

She is the best person I have ever been out with really and I think this one will have a happy ending.

It’s no wonder she’s so happy with Nina — the woman dressed as Slash for Jodie’s rock ‘n’ roll themed 30th birthday celebration right before Christmas. That takes some serious commitment — as does actually showing up with Jodie dressed (or not dressed) as she was.

Just imagine what their wedding will look like.

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