The most popular blog posts of 2008


The staff is going on a break for the holidays, but here are some of the hottest blog topics of 2008, based on comments and popularity, for you to chew on while we’re gone. We’ll return with lots of new things to argue talk about in January ’09!

January 2008

Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire Primary
The first woman to ever win a primary. Some rejoiced, some said congrats but she’s not who I’ll vote for.

11 Black Actresses to know and love
From Alfre Woodward to Gabrielle Union it’s hard to stop at 11, so we had to keep adding on.

The Spice Girls reunite and reminisce
The women have matured and the ticket prices have skyrocketed, but there’s still a lot of love for the girl group.

Is Lena to lean to be Sarah Connor?
The actress may be small, but she also has a lot of fight. Some debate there’s a difference between toned and thin.

Best geeky movies ever
The Matrix and Short Circuit top our list.

February 2008

Lindsay does her best Marilyn
Before we knew she was dating Samantha Ronson, we were more interested in her nearly nude New York poses.

Only on TV: On-screen cliches
Women don’t go to sleep and wake up with perfect hair and make-up. We just don’t.

Which TV or film character’s style do you covet?
Just one? Because there are a lot of fashionistas on Gossip Girl alone.

And the Oscar goes to … the wrong person
Angelina Jolie won over Chloë Sevigny in 2000, and Kim Peirce wasn’t nominated at all. Did the academy actually watch Boys Don’t Cry?

Tattoos are hot — here’s proof
Winona Rider, Tegan and Sara, and Pink are inked up. Does it make them hotter?

March 2008

Ellen Page plays a “primo lesbian” on SNL
How do you dispel lesbian rumors? You pretend to be a Melissa Etheridge superfan with a penchant for hugging girls with your legs in friendship.

Books that made me who I am
So we all ignored The Rules? No wonder we’re queer.

Let’s fill Eliza Dushku’s Dollhouse
We cast Joss Whedon‘s new show. He doesn’t take our suggestions.

So gay/so not gay — the entertainment version
A lesbian who doesn’t like Ellen, Desert Hearts or Xena? Oh, there’s quite a few of us.

Mad About March Madness
Women’s college basketball has us choosing sides.

The best female buddies on film and TV
From the functional (Cagney and Lacey) to the dysfunctional (Patsy and Edina).

April 2008

Lesbians as lyrical fodder. It happens a lot more than we’d like to think.

Vogue creates controversy with Annie Leibovitz cover shot
Annie Leibovitz controversial? Say it ain’t so. The ode to King Kong had some crying racism.

The X-Files Sequel: Invading theaters this summer
We geek out over the first film stills, and discuss our crushes on Gillian Anderson.

Danica Patrick’s historic win
A female race car driver that can beat the boys. Excuse us for not being shocked.

Diane Neal to leave SVU
Another DA takes off from Law & Order? Was it Mariska Hargitay‘s stunning beauty that turned her away?

May 2008

I’m no good at science but I know my chemistry
Entertainment Weekly compiled their own list of great pairs, and we added our own, including TiBette and Spashley.

Maxim fails to maximize its potential yet again
The magazine never gets their hot list right — which is why we have our very own.

Eating your vegetables will make you sexy
Vegetarians are hot, whether you like PETA or not.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Bad Sequel or Worst Sequel Ever?
The long-awaited follow-up co-starred Cate Blanchett, so how could it go wrong? Let us count the ways.

The hottest women over 50: for adults only
We know — some of them don’t look a day over 49.

June 2008

The hottest women of color
Some of our favorites were forgotten about when it was voting time for the Hot 100. We made another list.

Lesbian Scientistics: The pie chart of Bette Porter’s power
The debut of StuntDouble’s science had us going gaga for pie charts. We demanded more.

Women we wake up to
The morning news anchors we love to see each morning.

Lesbian films in three lines or less
Yes, it really is that simple. Guess what one this is? Starts with: “I love my new husband. Whoa, check out the florist.”

Denise Richards and other stars that are not lesbians
Some celebrities will go out of their way to proclaim their straightness.

July 2008

The importance of being a Buffy fan
In case you need a Buffy buffer.

Showtime announces L Word spinoff in the works
There were so many great guesses that would have been so much better than what it’s supposedly going to be.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is the light in the Dark Knight
Replacing Katie Holmes, Maggie made Rachel Dawes actually likable. Too bad her male counterparts overshadowed her in the press.

Chick lit is getting too literal
Would you read a book because it had a pink cover? We didn’t think so.

Humiliation, lesbian pop-culture style
Sarah Warn doesn’t like Sarah Waters and other confessions.

August 2008

Bitch Slap brings back the B-Movie
A trio of bad ass women who like to french kiss each other, plus cameos by Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor. Where can we buy tickets?

Eva Mendes gets naked and lands Calvin Klein in hot water
In Europe, they can show nipples, but in the U.S., we’re a little more meek. It’s actually pretty annoying.

Ellen and Portia are tying the knot
The first we hear of their wedding gave us hope. If only we didn’t know what we know now.

Dara Torres brings the fun back to the Olympics
The best comeback story of the year belonged to the swimmer, who had us glued to the TV when a pool was on screen.

Pink says “So What” to anyone who will listen
The sassy singer returned with a new song about divorcing her husband. We were certainly ready to pay attention.

September 2008

Race, sexuality and “The Women”
Was Jada Pinkett Smith‘s casting as a lesbian a great choice, or a cop-out?

Major chains are taking the titty out of “Itty Bitty Titty Committee”
Borders and other stores take away from the message of the movie, but the filmmaker would rather have it available than not. Was it worth the compromise?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler spoof Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Hillary Clinton on SNL
The first of a handful of perfected Palin impersonations. Was the original the best?

Politically minded women are a hot topic
Females with power are our kind of women — unless they’re against gay rights, anyway.

The skinny on teenage actresses
The success of 90210 had tabloids talking about the non-eating happening on set. Is there even more pressure on young starlets now?

October 2008

Nineteen great guitarists who just happen to be women
There’s so many, you had even more to contribute.

How gay would a straight girl go to join a sorority?
Some thought this scene in a WB web series was weird, some thought it was hot. Regardless, we thought it was worth watching.

Hot “House” promo stars Olivia Wilde in lesbian sex scene
It was great in the promo. Unfortunately, it was cut short on TV.

TV’s hottest lesbian/bi doctors
Women of Nip/Tuck, ER and Out of Practice can lick our wounds anytime.

Will the Gossip Girls go gay?
A producer spoils our hopes, but they can’t take away our dreams.

Uh Huh Her’s video for “Explode” keeps it straight
Can we expect Leisha and Cam to make every video gay, or should we expect the opposite?

November 2008

Election ’08: Barack Obama wins presidency, gays and lesbians lose rights
We win and yet, we face a major setback. It was a bittersweet night for us.

Showtime releases new promo for the L Word
It’s our first glance at the murderous intent the writers have for the last season.

Beyoncé considers gender roles in “If I Were a Boy.”
We consider why Beyoncé doesn’t just become a lesbian, instead.

An open letter to Out Magazine
The Out 100 failed to impress us. In fact, it kind of upset us.

Bianca and Reese have sex on “All My Children”, sky doesn’t fall
They finally did it! Lesbian sex on daytime TV. Was it good for you, too?

December 2008

If The L Word were on Facebook
Because who doesn’t want to think about Shane’s status, Bette super-poking Tina, or what groups Alice belongs to?

Callie Torres gets a new love interest
For some Grey’s watchers, it’s too little, too late.

The Dinah buys into Katy Perry
This probably wouldn’t bother us half as much as acts like the Indigo Girls and Uh Huh Her weren’t given less attention on the bill.

Melissa Etheridge is disappointed in Elisabeth Hasselbeck
She may be on team Rick Warren as of late, but at least she tried to take Hasselbeck to task.

Ellen Page to star in lesbian drama
Is she too young to play the partner of an ailing 30-something woman? Discuss!

Have a great holiday and happy new year!

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