Lesbian Scientistics: “The L Word” teaser


After The L Word‘s new promo aired last week, our Scientistics team went sleuthing. We’ve been hearing that the final season will be Scooby-like, and the rumors seemed to be verified when the troubadour in the video informed us that if words could kill, we’d be dead.

Also, if you don’t blink, you get these images from the promo:

Is that a dead body under a satin sheet and a mug shot background? Oh, we think so.

What strikes us as odd is the height of the probable murderer. We know from last season how tall an average criminal stands.

According to the promo flashes, this season’s killer is going to be tiny. So, who could it be? We’ve narrowed it down to three, and given you their motives.

Any guesses?

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