Lindsay Lohan says something she most likely now regrets


Like most of you, I have applauded Lindsay Lohan‘s deft ability to avoid labels. Interviewers keep trying to pin her down with the straight/gay/bisexual question. Lohan’s semantical caution has been an interesting dance to watch; she’s handled herself well — which is why it sort of boggled my brain yesterday when she said of Barack Obama: “It’s an amazing feeling. It’s our first colored president.”

Here is the clip from Access Hollywood:


Lohan publicly supported the Obama campaign, so entertainment blogs are having a field day with her comment. How can someone dodge a label like “bisexual” but slap on a label like “colored”?

I think it’s bizarre that Lohan used the word “colored,” but not because I think she’s racist or because of the label irony. I think it’s odd because “colored” is kind of an old woman word. I mean, it’s like segregation antiquated. I haven’t heard anyone say it since my great-grandmother died, and I live in the deep, deep south.

It’s unnerving to hear someone from the pop culture junkie generation speak like my Granny. Imagine receiving a text from your grandpa that says, “ROFLOL!! C U Thnxgiving!” It’s the kind of cross-generational thing that could rip the space-time continuum in half.

More than likely, Lohan was trying to say “people of color,” but the lights and the cameras and the rapid-fire questions tripped her up. It’s not always easy to give an interview, especially when people are always looking for that “lesbian” sound byte.

Also in the interview, Lohan talks about Prop. 8. It’s kind of awkward, because she’s on Access Hollywood, why all the political questions? But she goes on to say that she, like every other right-thinking person on the planet, is not in favor of it. And they talk about her new line of leggings, a fashion trend that I will never understand.

If Lohan would just watch Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf would teach her that tights are not pants! Alas, she’s probably too busy trying to deal with the fallout of calling people “colored” to enjoy the Greatest Show of Our Time. It’s too bad: If there’s one thing Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen know how to do, it’s to bend the media to do their will. It’s a trick Lindsay Lohan could really use.

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