Gaming is for girls: Tyler, Ferrera, and Underwood


Quiz time: What do I have in common with these women?

Is it:

a) A perfect complexion
b) A perfect smile
c) A bazillion dollars
d) A Nintendo DS Lite

Ding! Ding! Ding! Just like Liv Tyler, America Ferrera and Carrie Underwood, I own a Nintendo DS Lite.

Late last month Nintendo announced that it would be making Metallic Rose a regular part of the DS Lite color palette, and adding a new two-toned Crimson and Black version to the mix. The commercial campaign kicked off last week with the above-mentioned triumvirate of female celebrity support. I have to say: I really like the commercials.

Carrie Underwood‘s thirty second spot features her lounging on her tour bus in flip flops, playing some inexplicable game where she pets a virtual dog while her actual dog watches over her shoulder. I’m not sure I understand the point of it because the only thing Underwood says is, “Cute!” and “Neat!” Maybe its a game for children who aren’t yet ready to put down their hand held game consoles and take responsibility for a real live pet? Either way: cute.

America Ferrera‘s commercial is another level of awesome, and not just because I love Ugly Betty, Traveling Pants and the way she stumped for Hillary Clinton in this year’s primary elections. America is shown playing Super Mario Brothers (my ultimately favorite game!) in Chuck Taylors (my ultimately favorite shoes!) with her name bejeweled on the back of her DS Lite! (Um, that’s the difference between me and America, I guess; my DS Lite is white with no glitter.)

While Underwood and Ferrera are saddled with the pink consoles, Liv Tyler is featured with the slick, new Crimson and Black DS Lite. In her half-minute commercial, she laughs (adorably), hums out-of-tune (equally adorably), and kind of gets her butt kicked by Brain Age. Chin up, though, Liv; it’s a hard game.

Nintendo’s message: Women who play video games are awesome. And you know what? I absolutely agree.

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