What to do if you’re not at Dinah Shore this weekend


We all know that lesbian Mecca, Dinah Shore weekend, is heating up Palm Springs right now, and it seems as if every party-minded queer woman in North America is there. Those of us skipping the nonstop array of pool parties and celesbian sightings might be feeling just a wee bit jealous (or justified) at missing out on the festivities.

But just because you didn’t spring for airfare doesn’t mean you can’t have a great weekend. I’ve put together a little list of non-Dinah activities guaranteed not to leave you broke, sunburned or fated to do the dreaded walk of shame in a hotel bathrobe.

1. Watch things.

So it isn’t exactly a big blockbuster weekend at the movies, but there’s plenty of good under-the-radar stuff if you know where to look. Jellyfish (Meduzot) has been getting rave early reviews, and Water Lilies looks more than intriguing (and more than a little bit lesbianish) in its depiction of teenage angst. It’s also out writer-director Celine Sciamma’s first big international release.

Since these films are only screening in a few cities, you could also stage an impromptu protest and complain loudly that women filmmakers don’t get enough visibility.

Failing that, it’s a perfect weekend to partake in a DVD marathon of your TV show of choice. Make it The L Word if you must, but I can’t guarantee you won’t wake up with a Dinah-caliber hangover from all the drama.

2. Go for a run.

We’re gearing up for marathon Monday here in Boston, so it seems as if everyone and their grandmother is lacing up the shoes and getting in the spirit. What better way to get rid of the winter blahs? If nothing else, you can pretend it’s a warm-up for the new season of Work Out.

3. Play games.

March was an uncharacteristically amazing month for console gamers, and this weekend is the perfect time to catch up or rediscover your inner geek. The last couple of weeks saw the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Sega Superstar Tennis on the Wii, Condemned 2 and N+ on the Xbox 360, Bully: Scholarship Edition on the Xbox 360 and Wii, and the massive Metal Gear Solid Collection for the PS2 … Dinah who?

4. Battlestar Galactica returns.

Now, this is the real reason not to care about Dinah. While your friends are busy buying overpriced drinks to spill all over their white party attire, you could be snuggled up watching the best guns the universe has to offer.

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