Judy Greer finally lands a lead role – in a movie I don’t want to see


There’s good news and bad news about one of my favorite actresses, Judy
, who is currently starring in the new ABC comedy Miss

Who is Judy Greer, you ask? She’s like the straight Jane Lynch
— the scene-stealing supporting character who hardly ever gets the recognition
she deserves.

Judy was the Bluth family secretary with a penchant for flashing in Arrested
, and the best friend/love interest in Love
, a short-lived 2006 CBS show starring Tom Cavanagh that I loved
(which of course meant it was destined to be canceled).

She also played a great backstabbing best friend to Jennifer Garner’s character
in 13 Going on 30.

The good news is The
Hollywood Reporter
announced today that she’s been cast in the lead female
role in the upcoming movie Barry Munday, which stars Patrick
and co-stars Chloe Sevigny, Cybill Shepherd
and Billy Dee Williams. The bad news? It sounds like a terrible
idea for a movie:

Wilson will play the title character, a womanizer who gets attacked, loses
his testicles and discovers that a brief fling with a woman (Greer) he can’t
remember has led to a paternity suit. Sevigny will play the woman’s flirtatious
sister, who has a secret life and no compunctions about coming on to Munday.
Shepherd will play their mother, and Williams is cast as the tough boss at
Munday’s insurance company.

"The film marks a breakout lead role for Greer" according to the
Reporter, and I’m happy for her, but another movie in which great
actresses are confined to the roles of girlfriend and mother? Ugh.

On the other hand, Miss Guided is kinda cute and is getting decent
reviews. And more importantly, how cute is Judy as a redhead?

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a funny woman. But as far the movie goes?
To paraphrase the wisdom of Gob on Arrested Development, I hope she
hasn’t made a huge mistake.

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