“Dante’s Cove” premiere party photos


Earlier this week, the cast of here TV’s campy supernatural gay and lesbian
drama Dante’s Cove kicked off its third season with a premiere party, and photographer Faye
was kind enough to share some photos with us. Enjoy!

Cathy DeBuono, Jill
, Tracy Scoggins, Michelle
, and Thea Gill

Tracy Scoggins, Michelle Wolff, Jill Bennett, and Jenny Shimizu

Jill Bennett, Jaime
, Michelle Wolff, and Cathy DuBuono

Thea Gill

Jessica Graham

Michelle Wolff

Cathy Dubuono

Jenny Shimizu

Jaime Blake and Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett and Maeve Quinlan

How much do we love Maeve for wearing her "More.
Jill. Naked" t-shirt
to the premiere? Coolest. Straight Woman. Ever.

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