Hey, Schwan’s, 6 out of 10 lesbians are already doing it


It’s no secret that media uses nostalgia to market just about everything, and it makes sense that Schwan’s Fine Frozen Foods would be one of them. But they’ve outdone themselves with a new billboard promotional. What freaks me out a little is that I’ve actually heard one of my (very straight) aunts say this very thing in regards to herself:

Oh, my, where to start? Jokes about “prepared to serve”? The whole two women and a delivery guy vibe is a little porny, and I could deconstruct the sexist semantics of “housewife” all week, but instead, as I sit here at work avoiding dealing with other people’s problems, I’ll just fantasize. Let’s think about the message: What women really want is to stay at home, marry other women, and eat lots of food. Truthfully, that sounds like a ready-to-serve slice of heaven. Anyway, Padma Lakshmi might agree.

I love the whole nostalgia marketing ploy in general; it’s responsible for a collection close to my own refrigerator heart. I own each of these in magnet form. And I think I’ve seen a few of these attached to users around AfterEllen.com, haven’t I?

And one more, just for fun. I don’t own it, but I might put it on a T-shirt.

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