Pregnant, married lesbian couple Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs star in a Target commercial


Married, pregnant couple Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs are the stars of a new Target commercial called “Baby Digs: The Magic of Space,” and they play themselves. Amanda (an actress who you may remember from FEED) and Cat (an artist, who recently drew Wonder Woman) are due January 21 and they got hooked up with a sweet new nursery for appearing in the ad.

“A friend of ours knew the casting director was looking for expecting couples and she emailed me and asked if I would be interested in sending our stuff over,” Amanda said. “We both thought it would be amazing to have so much of our nursery needs taken care of (kids are expensive!) and also loved the idea of showing an authentic lesbian family in a mainstream commercial. Obviously, Target dug that too.”

Someone from casting came to the couple’s home and asked questions about their relationship and hopes for the baby.

“They really seemed to want it to be as real and ‘us’ as possible, which made us both feel really comfortable,” Amanda said. “I think there is always a fear when representing yourself that it could be twisted into something else, but they were really supportive.”

Amanda noted that a crew member came up to them during shooting and said she was so excited to work with a lesbian couple for the first time in 20 years. She also said her wife is generally shy and “avoids the camera,” but was emotional on set.

“She made them cry when they were doing our voice over and asked what we love about each other,” Amanda said. “She got all choked up and then everyone was in love with her.”

It’s awesome that these two were chosen out of probably several other straight couples. Not only are these two going to be great (and fun!) moms, but they they are sharing their story and happiness with others who might want the same for themselves.

“I hope people see that we are families with hopes and dreams for our children just like everyone else,” Cat said.

Done and done.

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