Janssen joins cast of “The Wackness”


The wacky puns are too easy for this one; Dutch model-turned-actor Famke Janssen has

joined a very motley crew — including Method

Man, Josh Peck, Ben Kingsley

and Mary-Kate Olsen — on the New York City set of indie

The Wackness.

The film is about a teenage dealer (Peck) who falls for the daughter of

his drug-using psychiatrist (Kingsley), and takes place

during 1994,


greatest year in hip-hop.” According to a Q&A posted on Famke-Janssen.org, the

AfterEllen.com Hottie No. 51 is set to play Kingsley’s wife.

I certainly liked Janssen as part of a less motley, more

superhuman crew (as did Malinda, who ranked Phoenix as her No. 3 female villain) —

— and I can’t complain about her role as one of the Eulogy crowd (not only because of the lesbian

factor, I swear), but this news got me wondering when the talented and

supergorgeous Janssen will get to be on her own again. Her current picture

is ensemble comedy The Ten, and the last movie in which she was one of

only two headliners, The Treatment, had only a limited release.

Thankfully, the same Q&A mentions several starring roles, including one as

a pool shark trying to make enough money to flee her child-abusing ex-husband. A

story with potential depth and Janssen as a pool shark? Sign me up.

Until then, I’m actually curious to see how The Wackness turns out.

If nothing else, it’ll have Janssen and — presumably — a fabulous


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