“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.18): Going Viral


If anything, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy will make you want to get a flu shot and stock up on the Purell. There is an infectious virus all over the hospital, and Arizona gets a whole face full of it from a young patient. She immediately informs Alex that she’s going to be sick in less than 24 hours. He scoffs but she lets him know that in addition to having dimples that won’t quit, her superpower is predicting when she is going to be sick.


Meanwhile, she keeps unintentionally wiping her fluey germs all over the hospital. Alex asks her about the guesting peds doctor who specializes in anal surgeries. Alex, being about as mature as a third grader, refers to him as Dr. Butthole. Admit it though, you totally laughed. Arizona’s germs make their way into the elevator, where Jackson and April spread it all over each other while making out. When April exits the elevator, she walks right into a meeting that Owen has called to warn everyone about the virus.

Someone who definitely does not need exposure to the virus is little adorable Brayden. Brayden has severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome, which is basically Bubble Boy disease. His parents suspect that he’s coming down with something, but Brayden is way more focused on picking at a zip on his forehead. April takes care of the boy and his family and suggests that perhaps bringing someone with no immune system to a hospital during a flu outbreak, might not have been a great idea.


Richard, now in his new role as Boss of All Residents (or something technical like that) is handing out orders, but half his staff is out with the virus. Leah is fading fast too, but Richard tells them all to suck it up and push through. Jo and Stephanie decide to have a bet to see who will pass out first from the flu. The loser has to be swap shifts with the winners if they so decide. Leah, who looks like absolute shit already, vows to stick it out. Not only is this flu respiratory, it also affects the stomach. Things are about to get very ugly at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Jo bounces over to her ER patient, who appears to have an unwavering smile. How refreshing! Wait, never mind. The guy has lockjaw because he got tetanus from a rusty gash. The patient’s brother is there too, and totally annoyed. His lock jawed brother is a heath nut and wants to keep his body pure. Lockjaw refuses a shot to help relieve the tetanus, exclaiming through clenched teeth that it’s poison.


Cristina and Shane have a teenage patient named Ivy who is about to receive a donor heart, and she and her mom are thrilled. Cristina notes that the rest of the family is absent. Ivy’s mom says that the flu has struck the family so they stayed at home. Cristina is kind of put out because today is the final day for the first phase of the conduit program. The numbers have to be perfect in order to move on to the next stage. She orders Shane to stay and protect the wee babies and make sure none of them are exposed to this virus.

Little Brayden is now suffering from a massive bump where his zit once was. Remind me to never pick a zit ever again. April rushes everyone out of his room and has him placed in isolation. The enzyme treatment that was allowing Brayden to have somewhat of a normal life is no longer working. His parents are devastated.

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