Who needs a Y chromosome, anyway?


Ever wondered what Tara and Willow’s love child would look like?

Or imagined a kick-butt combination of Buffy Summers and Sydney Bristow?

Just in time for the weekend, hours of entertainment, courtesy of Whitney at Pop Candy. lets you combine two faces into one, using a library of famous people on the site or your own pics. The results are, well, interesting. Here are some combinations of our favorite females.

Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet

Keira Knightley and Jodie Foster

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz (sigh.)

The morphed Courteney Cox/Jennifer Aniston scares me a little.

And Anne Hathaway combined with Emily Blunt looks like, well, Anne Hathaway.

Try as I might to combine myself with Jodie, Kate and Meryl Streep, I didn’t have much luck with pictures I uploaded myself. That’s why you don’t see any of the lovely ladies of The L Word. And over-40 women are sadly unrepresented. You can, however, request new people to be added. I suggest we overwhelm them with requests for the missing members of the Hot 100.

Let us know if you come up with any great — or really awful — morphs.

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