Regal Miranda Richardson to join Emily Blunt in “Young Victoria”


Not to have his Oscar thunder stolen

by the monarchy again, Martin Scorsese is currently producing

19th-century biopic The Young Victoria, and Miranda

Richardson has just signed

on as Duchess of Kent to Emily Blunt‘s Victoria.

Richardson is a great reason to look forward to the film, which starts

production this month. Another reason: Devil Wears Prada star

Blunt — who actually resembles her filmic mother-to-be even

without movie magic — is absolutely made to wear a crown.

The woman just emanates royalty, doesn’t she?

Blunt earned legions

of lesbian fans playing rich girl Tamsin in My Summer of

Love, but I’m an even bigger follower of Richardson,

whom I’ve admired since The Crying Game

(and whom I don’t blame for the strange, un-sisterly kiss she and Nicole

Kidman shared as Vanessa Bell and Virginia

Woolf in The


Richardson has never really “broken out,” in part because as she herself

once said during an interview with The New York Times, she “would

rather do many small roles on TV, stage or film than one blockbuster that made

me rich but had no acting.” I for one am happy she decided that the

blockbuster Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was worth doing,

because she was brilliant as relentless reporter Rita Skeeter.

Since Young Victoria focuses (shockingly, given the

title) on the youthful,

romantic side of the Queen, let’s hope that the Duchess isn’t quite as nosy

as Ms. Skeeter — that would make for some rather rough mother-daughter

interactions. Let’s also hope that this movie is closer in merit to fellow monarchy tales Elizabeth and

The Golden Age than it is to the poorly reviewed Gideon’s

Daughter, in which Richardson and Blunt already appeared together.

Victoria also stars Rupert Friend and Jim Broadbent, and is co-produced by

Graham King and Fergie herself (the Duchess, not the

Pea). Although there have been plenty of other films

about this particular Queen (notably the well-done Mrs. Brown, starring Dame Judi Dench as Victoria later in life),

I’m still optimistic. Worst case scenario, we get to watch two gorgeous and commanding women

on screen at once, and that’s nothing to complain about.

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