“Generation Cryo” recap (1.3): Boston Discoveries


Last week on Generation Cryo, Bree made her way from Reno to California to Boston. She met three more half-siblings along the way, including the amazing Jesse Bogdan. This week, Bree stays in the Beantown area, meeting three more half-siblings she has there: a super geektastic brother Will and two sassy older sisters, Paige and Molly. While I’ve loved all of the half-sibs we’ve met so far, Paige and Molly are clearly the best, full of a lot of anger and spunk and love. They are also immediately and fiercely loyal to Bree.

We also get to hear more of Bree’s history with her moms in this episode, and warning: it is not good.

We begin with Jesse driving Bree over to Paige and Molly’s house. Jesse soon leaves—aw, bye, Jesse—and the rest of the fam has a bonding session around the dinner table. This is another hetero family who couldn’t have biological kids because of medical reasons of the father, although we don’t see the dad here at all. It’s unclear whether they’re separated, or if he just didn’t want to be on the show. In any case, Paige and Molly are some of the first half-sibs to openly express anger they’d held in the past: towards the donor for being able to just jerk off and walk away; at people in their high school who called sperm donor babies freaks; even at their mom for making them “science experiments.”

The mom, Laura, also shares that until the Donor Sibling Registry happened, she had thought they bought all of Donor #1609’s sperm. Meaning, the idea of half-siblings was a big surprise. Paige also has the best quote of the episode: “They’re like, oh, you’re a freak, you were stored on a shelf for a while. It’s like, we would’ve been stored in a dick. It’s the same exact thing.” Paige, do you go to Emerson College? You strike me as an Emerson girl.


The big news, though, is that they also have a donor profile, but it’s different than Bree’s, filled out a few years earlier. Even though Will, Paige, and Molly have no interest in meeting the donor, they all find comparing the two profiles interesting. Bree thinks he sounds funny, although I think he sounds kind of like a douche, considering he listed “sex” as one of his “skills.”


Bree also has an adorable Skype session with her mom Sherry, in which Sherry emphasizes “teamwork” in her mission and reminds Bree to “have fun, too” which are both totally mom things to say. She also apparently has never used Skype before and has trouble locating the red phone to end the call. MOMS.


Bree and her new older sisters take a tour of Boston, including the obligatory duck tour, and then the whole fam heads to a family lobster bake, a new thing to Nevadan Bree. They dig for clams; Bree is welcomed to the family by great-grandma; and then Bree and Momma Laura have a heart to heart. Laura is one of the most emotional mothers we’ve seen so far, either just because that’s her personality or because she’s maybe had a wee bit of alcohol at this lobster bake. She feels like even the idea of the donor being a real person they could meet feels surreal, but also mentions that Bree being around has made them talk about the whole issue a lot more than they normally ever do. She then tearily says that she’ll support Bree and the kids in whatever they want to do, because it’s about them, not her, and she loves them. They pinky swear on it, and Laura kisses Bree’s cheek. Maybe it’s alcohol; maybe Laura is just ridiculously sweet.




Laura also makes this really important point, that both she and the dad have talked about, that even if they could go back and have their own biological children, they wouldn’t. Because then they wouldn’t have the kids they have. And the kids they have are perfect. This really sums up the whole point of this show to me, better than anything else anyone has said, although a lot of people have said a lot of good things. Bree later tells the camera: “It may be a little unconventional, but it’s my family. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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