2013 Visibility Awards Nominations: Hottest Hookup in Film/TV


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Bo and Lauren, last year’s Hottest Hookup winner, are facing some serious competition in 2013. Not only are they going up against Tumblrgasmic favorites Blue Is the Warmest Color and Lauren/Arizona’s on-call room fling in Grey’s Anatomy; they’re also facing down the Crystal and Lauren (fan favorites Ali Liebert and Zoie Palmer) hookup in the newest season of Lost Girl. Plus, if you ask us, Ali Liebert’s Betty McRae probably also deserves a place on this list for her strawberry seduction of Theresa on Bomb Girls. The Fosters saw Lena tossing a book across the room to get at Stef, Stahma and Kenya got their six-legged monkey crawl on on Defiance, and let us not forget Quinn Fabray chucking that water bottle and going in for round two with Santana on Glee.

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