Claire Danes falls from heaven in “Stardust”


You’ve seen stills of Michelle Pfeiffer in Stardust, but I would like to offer up another reason, aside from the brilliance of Neil Gaiman, to see the film.


I’m referring to Gaiman’s fallen star, Yvaine, as portrayed by Claire Danes.


At age 10, Danes was studying method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. By age 15, she was winning us over with all the teen angst she could muster as Angela Chase in My So-Called Life. A year later, Steven Spielberg called her “one of the most exciting actresses to debut in the last ten years.” I don’t think Mr. Spielberg says that about just anyone. And that was after she turned down a role in Schindler’s List because they wouldn’t fly tutors to Poland for her.

She was directed to come Home for the Holidays and go to Yale by Jodie Foster. She’s already appeared in off-Broadway productions and will be upgrading to the Great White Way as Eliza Doolittle in the Pygmalion revival slated to open this fall. She’s also starring opposite Richard Gere in The Flock, which opens in November. She’s even shared the screen with Pfeiffer before, in To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday. And she reportedly earned a cool two million for her part in The Mod Squad.


She spent Hours with Meryl Streep as her lesbian mom.


And she told Kristanna Loken‘s Terminator to just die already in T3.


So, if a fairy tale by Neil Gaiman and a bewitching performance by Michelle Pfeiffer aren’t enough to get you into the theater, how about Claire Danes as a fallen star? The movie opens August 10. Here’s the trailer:


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