The return of Marion Ravenwood


I’ve always been a little afraid to go to Comic-Con because, frankly, I’m afraid I’d geek out permanently and wind up in the fetal position mumbling, “Strangers in Paradise is over … Strangers in Paradise is over …”

But Comic-Con is about much more than comics these days. It’s become a forum for film studios to promote geek-ish movies directly to their fan base. Thursday’s Indiana Jones video, created especially for Comic-Con, revealed the wonderful news that Karen Allen will reprise her role of Marion Ravenwood for the still-untitled fourth Indy flick.

Although the video has yet to turn up on the web, Whitney from reports that most of the buzz around the short is about how great Karen Allen looks. Don’t we know it?

So where’s Allen been? Knitting. Seriously. In 2004, she opened Karen Allen Fiber Arts, where she designs and sells “handmade cashmere clothing” that is produced on a knitting machine. Huh? Maybe the machine has hands. In any case, the patterns are beautiful.

And so is she.

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