“Rookie Blue” recap (4.12): Someone Someone


Previously on Rookie Blue, Sam guilted Andy into breaking the rules for his new girlfriend Marlo, and Gail Peck found someone who made her laugh more naturally than anyone else had before, and her name was Holly.

This week, we open in a bar where Dov is asking his fellow Rookies trivia questions. Gail looks pretty over it until she sees Holly walk in. She stands up and claims herself the retiring champion, though Chris gently points out that she’s losing by a lot. She doesn’t seem to care much as she leaves her friends and sidles up next to Holly at the bar. Holly seems genuinely surprised to see her, and Gail tells her she’ll buy their first round of drinks and Holly will get the next, super casual, like they’ve been doing this a lot lately. Holly smiles somewhat nervously and tells Gail that she actually won’t be able to take her up on that second-round offer because she’s meeting someone. Gail’s eyes flash with what could be jealousy and she asks if it’s “someone someone” or just someone. Holly shrugs it off and says she’s not sure yet before thanking Gail for the drink and going to sit with her (very attractive) someone.

Rookie Blue 412-1

Gail goes back to the trivia table and tries to slide back into the conversation with her usual Gail snark, looking at Dov and Chloe being adorable and saying the King of the Dorks found his Queen, but her heart isn’t really in it, and it doesn’t have as much bite as usual. This is because she’s sucking down her drink as she watches Holly laugh with this new someone. Chris gets up to get himself a drink and Gail requests a double.

Rookie Blue 412-2We’ve all been there, girl.

The next morning, Andy and Nick are talking about how much they enjoy their new plan of having sex marathons instead of running marathons. Andy, however, needs to leave immediately, because she’s still feeling guilty about breaking the rules and would like to stay uber-focused. Meanwhile I am uber-focused on…well, on her.

Rookie Blue 412-3

Let’s check in with the rest of the precinct real fast. Swarek? He’s helping Marlo pack for her week off at her sister’s house. Nash? She brought her son to the office and created diversion tactics to avoid having to introduce him to Steve Peck just yet. Oliver? He’s letting Celery move in with him, supposedly temporarily, just like he let his ex-wife move in after only a few dates. (It’s possible Oliver is a lesbian. I’m okay with having him on our team, he’s awesome.)

Chloe and Andy set out for a day on the job and Chloe is adorably interrogating Andy about sleeping with Nick. Andy is trying really hard not to admit it/smile, but Chloe persists in her chipper cuteness. They get out to respond to a 911 call about a sleeping man in the park who ends up being just a prop. Andy hears a gunshot in the distance, and turns around to see Chloe, standing wide-eyed and holding her neck (and somehow still adorable). She’s been shot.

Rookie Blue 412-4

Before Andy can react, another gunshot sends Chloe careening to the ground. Andy quickly drags Chloe behind a rock for cover and calls for backup. Chloe, still awfully cheery for someone who is losing all of their blood, keeps insisting that she’s okay, even though the blood in her mouth suggests she is definitely not.

Dov is playing trivia with some perps in holding when the chief comes in to tell him that Chloe has been shot. He tells Dov that Chris is on his way to take him to the hospital, his official assignment is to report back on Chloe’s health every so often.

At the crime scene, based on the location of the fake body and the roof the shooter stood on, they decided it was definitely a set up. They found bullet casings from a hunting rifle, which is cruelly ironic, or disturbingly appropriate, given the situation.

In their squad car, Gail and Oliver are responding to a call and Gail reminisces about how disgustingly cute Dov and Chloe were the night before. She adds in a small voice that she doesn’t know what Dov would do if Chloe didn’t make it. Oliver seems a little surprised by Gail’s concerned, but quickly assures her that Chloe is scrappy and that she’ll be just fine.

When they reach the house they were called to check, Oliver starts to get out, when shots are fired at them. Gail pulls Oliver back in the car and calls it in as they duck for cover.

It’s official: this is personal.

Dov is waiting at the hospital when he overhears a man asking about Officer Chloe Price. Come to find out he’s from 27 Division, and is Chloe’s former partner…and husband. Dov gapes at him quietly and helps him fill out Chloe’s emergency papers, claiming he only knows so much because Chloe is a talker. He even keeps his mouth shut when the ex-husband says maybe this is his second chance with Chloe, which means Dov has either matured since dating her, or he’s about to do something really stupid.

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