She Made Me Watch This: the Harry Potter edition


The first only segment of our video blog this week is all about Harry Potter, in honor of the impending release of the seventh and final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We discuss topics like whether Snape is good or evil, why Harry should die and why Hermione should get her own spin-off series.

There are NO SPOILERS about the new book, just lots of speculating and leaping to conclusions, with the occasional ranting asides.


She Made Me Watch This: the Harry Potter Edition (July 20, 2007)


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Discuss! (But NO SPOILERS ABOUT BOOK 7 in the comments please! If you’ve read the new book, go to this forum thread to discuss it.)

Sunday update: There won’t be another segment of the vlog this weekend, because we’re too busy reading the new Harry Potter book, and trying to enjoy a much-overdue weekend off. Sorry! But we’ll be back next weekend with our take on this week’s premieres of the new Glenn Close series Damages (FX) and the new Holly Hunter series Saving Grace (TNT), and other stuff I made Lori watch.

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