TV alert: Nancy Travis on “The Bill Engvall Show”


I’m no Bill Engvall fan. But the return of Nancy Travis to TV seems like a pretty great thing. Tonight, the premiere of The Bill Engvall Show (9/8c on TBS) brings us Travis in all her MILFy glory.

I sure do wish she’d find some less annoying guys to hang out with. (I’m thinking Ted Danson in Becker, but I suppose I should just try to think of Almost Perfect instead). But she might make even Bill Engvall tolerable. Travis had this to say to the Television Critics Association on Sunday:

Is [your character on The Bill Engvall Show] your Almost Perfect and Becker
alter ego kind of resigning herself to marriage and
family life? And what do you think of marriage?

Travis: Huh, well, I never thought of it that
way, but, I guess it’s sort of the way women move
through in a career in Hollywood. Believe me, I was
as shocked as anybody to realize that suddenly I’m a
mother of teenage kids. I thought, what happened to
my ingenue days? But, boom, here I am. I’m actually
very happy to be playing this woman at this time and
where we are in the world. I think a lot of women
have given up careers to raise families, and where does
that place them in the world?

Possibly right in front of the TV, at least tonight. Visit the official website for more.

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