“Bionic Woman”: Good promo, bad casting


This morning I watched the new promo for Bionic Woman. I was ready to rave about it. I was psyched. Michelle Ryan looks pretty badass, and there are even a few glimpses of Katee Sackhoff this time. She plays Jaime Sommers’ nemesis, Sarah Corvus.

But then my glee vanished in a puff of bad casting: Isaiah Washington will appear in at least five episodes of the series as — oh, who cares who he’ll play or what he’ll do? It’s bad enough that Travolta’s probably going to ruin Hairspray for me, but now this? What’s next: Bill O’Reilly as a guestbian? (Actually, that would be fun. Jenny leads the DTO in a rumble!)

Anyway, you may have the technology, NBC, but I doubt you can rebuild Washington’s career. But I’ve already given him more virtual ink than I wanted to, so here’s the new trailer. Grumble. I mean, uh, enjoy?



In other sucky Bionic casting news, it seems Mae Whitman is no longer on the show at all. You might know Whitman better as Ann Veal on Arrested Development. She was originally cast as Jaime Sommers’ deaf sister, but it seems a muckety-muck at NBC didn’t like the casting or the character in general.

Hmm, maybe that’s all I should have said about the Washington thing in the first place: Him?

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