More “Army Wives” for everyone


When will I ever learn? I’ve gotten suckered in by
subtext yet again. Those deeply meaningful looks
held those few extra seconds, the unusual number of
little touches, the ardently sincere declarations of
undying friendship … sigh.

This time around I’ve got Army Wives toying with my
affections, and you can bet I haven’t missed an
episode. And now comes the news that the show has been renewed for a second season. All the better to parse every excruciating
(excruciatingly ordinary?) moment of warmth between
Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) and Denise (Catherine Bell).

“I’m here for whatever you need,” avows Claudia in the following promo, but
do I really need these games again?

And darn it all if Catherine Bell isn’t coyly playing
along, if her quote in TV Guide is any

“It’s so nice to have girlfriends on set. We all
hang out together on weekends. There’s a lot of
joking, too. The biggest joke is about having sex with
each other. We’ve done these fake blooper reels where
one of us pops up in the bed of another couple. It’s
Desperate Army Housewives.”

One wonders if that reel will ever see the light of
day, given the show’s unctuous desire to remain
“apolitical.” You thought the war was divisive — try
adulterous lesbian affairs on a military base, carried on
while the menfolk are off making the world safe for
democracy. Actually, imagine the power that story line
would have to unite the Lifetime audience against the war!

One of the strongest dramatic moments so far comes during a
speech by Claudia Joy in episode 5: “I have also had
to put my personal opinions aside to truly understand
that our defenders of freedom are fighting a bigger
battle. Not a political one. Their battle goes beyond
politics, beyond religion, race or gender. They are
the defenders for us all, they are the defenders of
our differences.”

Just how different are you, Claudia Joy?

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