Renee O’Connor cast as lead in new Sci Fi channel movie “The Genesis Code”


I just got an exclusive tip that Renee O’Connor has been cast as the female lead in the new Sci Fi channel movie The Genesis Code, which starts filming next month.

Here’s how the movie’s plot is described:

Buried under the sands of Iraq world famous archaeologist David Solomon has found a clue to the one of the ancient mysteries of the Old Testament. Solomon’s discovery leads to a remote desert which contains the remnants of an ark. The team must fight off insurgents as they uncover the mystery. Things turn deadly as they discover this ark didn’t carry animals, it carried something evil.

Okay, sounds cool and all, but let’s get to what you care about: how Renee figures in to this. She plays an accomplished scientist — who also happens to be David’s ex-wife:

Eva is stunning and sophisticated. She’s an accomplished scientist that specializes in carbon dating and translating ancient documents. She’s confident, cocky and at the top of her game. She also can’t stand David Solomon, even though they were married for five years. Now that they’re divorced she likes him even less.

Renee playing confident and cocky? I like the sound of this already! (But let’s be honest: they had me at “carbon dating” — because who can resist a woman who’s sexy and smart?)

Unfortunately for Renee’s lesbian fans, I’m pretty sure Eva’s dislike for David isn’t due to repressed longing for female companionship (damnit!), so we’ll have to settle for Renee playing confident, cocky, and heterosexual. This time, anyway.

Actor Tim DeKay plays her ex-husband David, who is described as a “smart,” “funny” and “brilliant” archaeologist who is “a cross between Indiana Jones and John McClane from Die Hard.”

Sorry Tim — you’re a good actor, but to me, you’ll always be the guy who couldn’t decide if he was straight or gay in Big Eden (2000):

But back to Renee — I thought this would be a nice opportunity to review the variety of looks she’s sported on screen since her late teens (as Lori started to do in our first video blog). I’ve helpfully provided the scientific names for each, in case you want to adapt any of them for yourself:

The High School Hair (Teen Angel, 1989)

The Nelly Olson (Huck Finn, 1993)

The Bonnet (Follow the River, 1995)

The Newbie Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess, 1995)

The Grown-Up Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess, 2001)

The Single White Female (One Weekend a Month, 2004)

The Cowgirl (Ghost Town, 2007)

The Renee Laughing at Sarah (Dinah Shore, 2007)

(Wait, how did that get in here? My bad!)

Here are a few of her headshots from the last few years, for good measure:

Finally, here’s a sneak peek at Renee in The Genesis Code, being all calm and confident in the face of imminent danger while her tough-talking ex-husband runs like a little girl:

Because if anyone can fight off insurgents and an evil ark, it’s a focused, redheaded Renee!

(Get more info on Renee at her official site, and, and hat tip to member withpurpose for the great Renee photo at the top of the post!)

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