Halle Berry to play Barbarella?


Why is the Barbarella remake such a rumor magnet? First we heard Kate Beckinsale might take on the role. Then Drew Barrymore was mentioned (egad). I still think Scarlett Johansson would be great for the part, but if she were interested I’m sure she’d have been cast by now.

The latest rumor is that Halle Berry will play the bouncy, befuddled space heroine.

This is not a bad idea — after all, Berry is a veteran of sci fi and action movies, and she’s fabulous at 40. And maybe it’s actually true; why shouldn’t Berry work with Robert Rodriguez and the writers behind Casino Royale? She could do (and has done) worse.

But I’ll believe it when I see it in a more reliable source than Entertainment Wise, which is one of those cobbled-together gossipy sites. Maybe this is all based on an addled series of mishearings:

“Halle Berry just topped the In Touch ‘Fabulous at 40’ list.”

“What? Did you say Barbarella?”

“No. Halle Berry.”


“Halle Berry.

“Who’s Barbara Berry?”

Halle Berry!!”

“OMG, Halle Berry’s playing Barbarella?!”

Things are so much more fun in my head.

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