Elle, Anne, Uma and more: Girls in pretty dresses galore


Last weekend, Italian designer Valentino marked the 45th anniversary of his brand with a couture show in Rome, followed by a post-show gala dinner and ball at the Parco dei Daini at the Villa Borghese on July 7. Yeah, my budget (OK, and an invitation) precluded me from going, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sorta virtually be there through the magic of photography! Here are some of our favorite ladies at the gala:

Elle MacPherson (who played bi opposite Kate Capshaw in A Girl Thing)

Jennifer Hudson

Maggie Cheung

Anne Hathaway (remember when she held hands with Emily Blunt at the Oscars?)

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sienna Miller

Uma Thurman (always unforgettable in Henry and June)

So, what did you think of their dresses? I’m not a big fan of Sienna’s big poofy red feather thingie, but as for Uma’s gown: I. Want. It.

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